Stefania Silvestri


While pursuing my bachelor's degree at the University of Missouri in Columbia in English and a minor in Italian Studies, I experimented with nonfiction, preferring memoir above the rest. I made a decision to write my first memoir while pursuing my undergraduate degree and thus decided to pursue a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing in nonfiction.

In 2008, I relocated to Boston, Massachusetts to begin my studies in the Masters of Fine Arts program at Emerson College. In 2010, I began teaching college composition, while continuing my studies at Emerson College. In 2011, upon graduating from Emerson, I was the recipient of The Dean's Award for Best Thesis for my completed manuscript of "Beside the Mountain."

I continued teaching college composition at both Pine Manor College and Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences until recently relocating to Los Angeles, California in January 2012. Currently, I teach Academic English at Kings Colleges to international students seeking to study at University in the US.

Stefania Silvestri

"As a child of a parent who is suffering from Alzheimer's, Stefania has thrown a life preserver to all of us who are drowning in the trials of this disease. We know we are not alone, and that there is hope to surviving and even happiness on the other end of this disease."

-Caregiver Suzanne Muelin